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EMI/ RFI Filter

What is an EMI Filter?

An EMI filter, or electromagnetic interference filter, is an electronic passive device used to suppress conducted interference present on a signal or power line. EMI filters are used to suppress interference generated by the device, or by other equipment, to protect a device from electromagnetic interference signals present in the environment. Most EMI filters consist of components that suppress differential and common mode interference.

To protect and optimize equipment, Finmotor EMI/ RFI filters provide solutions in three product categories: single-phase, three-phase, and three-phase plus neutral filters.

Types of EMI Filters

Finmotor single-phase filter series offers a current range from 1 to 100A with nominal voltage up to 690 Vac. These filters guarantee high attenuation with compact mechanical dimensions.  Available with various connections such as: IEC plugs, fastons, terminal blocks, cables, and screws. Additional DIN rail mounting provides fast and easy installation into the enclosure.  For all models, a dedicated low leakage current solution is available for medical applications.

Finmotor three-phase filter series offers a current range from 1 to 3000A with nominal voltage up to 690 Vac. This series is one of the largest and most complete for solutions in the industrial automation industry. These filters provide high attenuation in a compact case with low leakage currents and are suitable for several industries.  

Available with terminal block, cable, screw and bus bar connections and with finger safe protection for screw and bus bar options.  DIN rail mounting provides fast and easy installation into the enclosure.  Finmotor offers solutions in traditional TN and TNS networks and in specific applications such as IT power line configurations. Customized voltage, current, connection, and attenuation solutions are available to satisfy various application needs.

The three-phase plus neutral filter series offers a current range from 1 to 2000A with nominal voltages up to 600 Vac. This series provides high attenuation in a compact case with low leakage current and is suitable for several industries.  Available with terminal block, cable, screw and bus bar connections and with finger safe protection for screw and bus bar options.  DIN rail mounting provides fast and easy installation into the enclosure.  Customized voltage, current, connection, and attenuation solutions are available to satisfy various application needs.

 Applications for EMI Filters:

Typical EMI filter applications include:

  • Machine tools
  • Packaging equipment
  • Industrial automation
  • Renewable energy
  • Filtration systems
  • Medical equipment

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Single Phase RFI Filter

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Three Phase EMI Filter

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Three Phase Plus Neutral

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DC Filter

The DC filters are designed and developed specifically for the Photovoltaic industry. 

The FIN1220 and FIN1520 have been developed for filtering the DC lines while offering the possibility of ground connections separated from the virtual zero point. This is particularly useful for critical networks trying to avoid the circulation of high currents on the protective earth conductor.

The 1520.0V and 1220.0V provide for the arrangement shown on the first series for traditional three-phase networks.  This range of DC filters can handle voltages up to 1500 VDC.  Additionally, other voltages are available upon request.

Motor Protection

Chokes - Reactors - Toroids

The range includes various products for different applications.

As for the reactance on the line, solutions are available both for traditional and for regenerative systems with high frequency switching, especially with high frequency disturbance filtering.

Output Filter solutions include systems for use in open ring (Common Mode coil) or in closed ring systems (differential mode coils)

Inductors are available for both common mode and differential mode, the inductor models in differential mode are available to use with high frequency currents, such as occurs in applications using a synchronous motor, where the particular project has to contain to the minimum the effects of heating due to induced currents at high frequency. The sinusoidal output filters have two different lines, one for frequencies below 100 Hz, the other for higher frequencies, this second product line provides excellent performance in terms of minimum heating even without the use of forced ventilation.

Harmonic Filter

Power quality is a major concern for manufacturers and power plants. Power quality issues arise due to harmonic disturbances and reactive power generated by unbalanced loads, variable frequency drives and motors. These issues have serious consequences of which include: prematurely aged equipment, energy loss, poor functioning controls and circuits and increased energy, component and transformer costs.

With more than 20 years radio frequency interference experience, Finmotor developed the harmonic filter series to solve harmonic disturbance and power quality issues by compensating current harmonic and power factor correction.  

To view the full harmonic filter brochure, please click here. 

Passive Harmonic Filter

Finmotor's harmonic filter range, FIN HRM, guarantees a reduction in harmonic distortion to levels below 10%, on request it is possible to have products made with higher attenuation. Thanks to a...

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Parallel Filter

Our parallel EMI/RFI filters are unique solution in the industry.  Available up to 750Vac, these filters can handle any current due to their parallel nature.  When used in conjunction with a series filter, this powerful combination can protect machines in the noisiest of environments.  All filters provide an attenuation parallels already high from 30 KHz, providing a solution for applications where there are problems at such low frequencies.

The FIN 730/740 filters reduce interference in the frequency range from 30 KHz to 10MHz.  The FIN230 filter has a resonance frequency of 150KHz and provides a large reduction of interference in the frequency range between 50KHz and 5MHz.  This attenuation is well below the requirements of 150KHz.

Thanks to these characteristics can be used in combination with filters series where the noise is particularly high in this frequency range, or even alone when there is the need to filter only this range.  The parallel filter are UL approved and come with Din-rail mounting to permit easy and fast installation.  The FIN230SP can provide adequate protection of invertors, controllers, and other electronic equipment from impulsive surges of 1000V or more.

Power Factor Correction

Medical and Military Filter

This series of filters is produced to achieve a high level of shielding on protected environments. All models are characterized by high levels of attenuation above 100 dB. For each application there are models suitable for filtering supply lines 50 and 60 Hz from single phase to three phase, with currents of up to hundreds of amps, filters for signal lines (remote controls, lines connecting sound, video, telephony, digital signals). All models are characterized by a leakage current to ground (below 30 mA), which allows their use in any environment without the need of special procedures for installation. All models are built and tested conforming to all the military regulations: MIL.F-15733, MIL-STD-220A and civil UL1283.

The product range includes models suitable for many different types of applications where required attenuations are equal to or greater than 100 dB, with different possibilities in terms of frequency band, depending on the application.

Filters for military applications: 10 KHz - 10 GHz
Filters for applications scientific and industrial laboratories, for example, measuring 100 KHz - 10 GHz
Filters for medical applications in a 5 MHz - 5 GHz

Custom-Built Filters Available

Finmotor has a wide selection of MRI filters and military filters available for sale and can also customize a filter for almost any need. Please contact the factory for additional information on custom products and services.

Voltage Stabilizer

Finmotor voltage stabilizer series regulates voltage through a series of transformers. A static control circuit drives the variable autotransformer that supplies the required voltage to a series transformer, either in phase or out of phase, to bring the mains to the rated value. 

Three-phase stabilizers are available in two versions:
The models FINSTT and FINSTC perform voltage regulation by an average of three phases and are suitable for lines with balanced voltage and for an unbalance between phases up to 50%. These models are equipped with one stabilizing circuit to ensure a common regulation of the three-phase and may be connected to input mains without neutral.

The models FINSTTY and FINSTCY are equipped with one stabilizing circuit for each phase and are suitable for unbalanced mains with a maximum unbalance between phases up to 100%. For correct operation, the input line must be three-phase + neutral. Voltage regulators do not transform the voltage and therefore have the same output voltage as the input. When input and output voltages are different, an additional isolating transformer or auto-transformer is required.

To view the full voltage stabilizer brochure, please click here. 

Surge Arrester/ Protection

Finmotor surge arrester series was designed to improve equipment protection. Surge arresters are installed near the end of any conductor which is long enough before the conductor lands on its intended electrical component. The purpose is to divert damaging over-voltage transients caused by external (lightning) or internal (switching) events safely to ground. Also called a surge protection device (SPD) or transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), they are designed to protect against electrical transients resulting from a lightning flash, not a direct lightning termination, to the conductors.

All models include remote contact, a visual indicator and comply with the UL 1449, IEC 61643-11, and VDE 0675 International Standards.  DIN rail mounting options are available and select models are unpluggable offering the option to replace specific cards as needed.

To view the Surge Arrester catalog, please click here.  

Safety Encapsulate Transformer

Ignition System

Custom Filter

What's Your EMI or RFI Problem?  Finmotor can help solve it.

Finmotor is capable of creating a custom RFI Filter or EMC Solution.  We diagnose, test and recommend solutions for electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference problems.

We can do small quantities.  Don't hesitate to ask!


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