Solar and Photovoltaic Power Application

In this application, diodes incorporated in the solar cells convert light into a continuous electrical current (DC). The voltage must therefore be transformed into an alternating current to a  main frequency (50 or 60 Hz)(AC). The use of Finmotor products in this application is to achieve requirements set forth by the EU legislation. To avoid exceeding  limits of conducted and radiated emissions, and to ensure correct operation even when noise is deliberately injected, filters are required.

Finmotor products which eliminate almost all the electrical noise issues caused by the inverter generating power thus being able to provide the end-user with efficient clean energy. Finmotor products also function to limit possible interference on control devices, such as the control for the orientation of the panels depending on the position of the sun, and other types of communication networks inherent in the system.

Browse Recommended Filter(s):

Single Phase RFI Filter : ( FIN26 | FIN27 | )

Three Phase EMI Filter : ( FIN538S1 | FIN1500/ FIN1500HV | FIN1700IT | )

Three Phase Plus Neutral: ( FIN1240 | FIN1940 | )

DC Filter: ( FIN1520 | FIN1220 | )

Motor Protection: ( FIN905SF Three Phase Sinusoidal Filter | FIN950 | )

Parallel Filter: ( FIN230SP.001.M | )

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