Finmotor Frequently Asked Questions

How may Finmotor ensure you comply with CE Certification?

In addition to manufacturing, Finmotor offers a Worldwide EMC test service to ensure customers comply with International CE Standards. Finmotor's top priority is customer service and ensuring we find the best solution for our customers.  

Where does Finmotor perform EMC tests?

Finlab, a Finmotor subsidiary, provides on-site CE Certification, immunity and emission testing throughout Europe.  Our affiliate company, Enerdoor, performs CE and FCC testing in North America.  

Are Finmotor filters CE mark approved?

Yes, all Finmotor filters comply with the CE Standard.

How do I determine the correct dimensions for a filter?

Two parameters are considered when determining the correct dimension for a filter: nominal voltage and nominal current. Finmotor filters meet all international nominal voltage requirements. Our filters run up to 900 Vac and 1200 Vdc.

Finmotor filters are identified by nominal current dimension with the last three numbers of the ordering code identify the nominal current. For example:

FINxxxx .yyy.z

X= Model - Y= Nominal current - Z= Connection

Example: FIN1500.050.V

FIN1500 = Series model

.050= Nominal current 50A

.V = connection type (screw)

Do Finmotor products offer finger safe protection?

Finmotor's terminal block series is finger safe approved.  Additionally, our screw version series such as FIN1200 and FIN1500 feature cover protection, making these products finger safe. Finmotor filters with bus-bar connections are also available with cover protection.

Do Finmotor EMI/ RFI filters come with a warranty?

We are proud to offer a 5 year warranty on all EMI/ RFI filters.   Additional warranties are available upon request.

Does Finmotor have filters for solar power generation?

Finmotor features DC filters which were researched and created specifically for solar power applications.  For additional information, please visit: Finmotor DC Filters.

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