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Finmotor is an Italian company specializing in the manufacturing of electrical anti-disturbance filters of high attenuation for application in the industrial, automation, military, medical, rail and information technology fields.  We also provide personalized products tailored to our client's needs with currents up to 5000A.

Finmotor's twenty plus years of experience has enabled the creation of products and solutions, including solutions from the measurements carried out by our own EMC laboratory, both in review and certification.

EMC Solutions

The proper selection and installation of the most suitable Finmotor filter allows equipment and facilities in the industrial sector to easily meet the limits established by the European Directive 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Standards.

Products and services offered by Finmotor allow manufactors the best solutions to comply with any EMC framework.  Finmotor RFI Filters are used in a variety of sectors, from large industrial installations affected by severe EMC environments to single machine applications.

Our laboratory experts consult directly with customers to guarantee the best solutions for electromagnetic compatibility problems in any industrial plant or machinery.  Laboratory support is especially useful when our clients need to approve machinery or an industrial plant with the CE mark for European export or the FCC Standard for the United States market.

All Products are SCCR, UL508A and CSA Approved

All Finmotor filters meet IEC/EN60939 requirements and offer a 5 year warranty guarantee.  The majority of all series are UL approved for both the American and Canadian markets.

All products have approved UL performed tests for short-circuit according to the UL508 Standard.  Additionaly, Finmotor is one of the few manufacturers in the world able to supply products to meet the new requirements of the UL508A Standard for control panels.

UL Recognized ComponentsUL Recognized Components

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